Step 1 - Find your inspiration

Whether its furniture, colour or pure imagination


Step 2 - Choose your colour

We have 150!


Step 3 - Key it Clean it

A light sand never hurts

Sugar soap will remove any dirt and grease


Step 4 - Start paiting the Autentico way!

Long and consistant brush strokes


Step 5 - Always do at least two coats

First coat is for adherance

Every coat afterwards is for coverage


Step 6 - To distress or not to distress?

Once Autentico Vintage is dry, use 120/180 grid sandpaper

on the areas you wish to distress


Step 7 - Finishing Touches

Apply wax, wait 20 minutes and wipe excess off

or buff for a sheen


Step 8 - Show it off

Pin it, post it, tweet it or just show a friend what you have created